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Whenever i install Debian, i always use the netinst and select nothing
but the base system. Then it's apt al the way: first X, then a
lightweight WM plus whatever i need. However, even with a "minimal"
install there are always a bunch of packages that i didn't choose and
that (apparently) aren't used by any other package.

This time i decided to nstall X from the installer menu, so i got
X+GNOME. I still had to work around the xorg.conf to get it working
(framebuffer). The thing is, i'm allergic to unused packages and i
dislike big desktop enviroments like GNOME or KDE. And i know that if
i do apt-get remove --purge gnome* there will still be leftovers, like

I don't think neither apt nor aptitude (or even synaptic, another
usual leftover) have this, but is there a way to know if a package is
depended upon? Automagically removing it if not? Actually my favourite
is apt, i dislike the other two.

I'm going through the list of installed packages and their
descriptions in the debian site, i even have a fortune-cookies
package! Wtf? And i skipped all the lib* and x* ones... How can i get
rid of everything gnome?

Just wishfull thinking in the wrong list, but it would be nice if
developers of mamoths like X, GNOME and KDE would develop installers
which let you choose what you want to install and/or that only install
componets whcih are really necessart. I already have openoffice, i
don't need gnumeric; nor do i need  30 graphics drivers when i'll only
use one.

Any constructive suggestions would be much appreciated.

Fica bem, porta-te mal.
Be well, misbehave.

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