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RE: lenny amd64 for Desktop

I have been running lenny as a desktop OS for about a month. I had an effortless upgrade from etch. I like it very well, with the following exceptions.

When I leave the machine overnight, it usually loses touch with the monitor. This occurs without regard to whether I lock the screen or not, or whether I leave the monitor turned on or off. No keypress, hotkey combo, or mouse wiggle has any apparent effect, and I have to hard reboot. I do not know what is causing it.

Open office has crashed X several times when editing MS Powerpoint files. No other application seems to be a problem.

In all these cases, ctl-alt-f{1,2,...} gets no response, and ctl-alt-bkspc and ctl-alt-del are ignored.


On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, Andrew Syrewicze wrote:
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Subject: RE: lenny amd64 for Desktop
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It's very workable.

I was able to Get Lenny working great with minimal headache. I'm even using
ATI drivers and xinerama for dual monitors, and it doesn't give me much
problem. The only problem I see is X sometime crashes when I exit my
session, but I haven't checked to see yet if that's a bug or a problem with
the binary ATI driver.

I also had to do a little foot work to get the wireless card working
flawlessly in my laptop, but alas, we can blame proprietary windows drivers
for that. =)

Other than that Lenny Works great in my opinion. Great Distro!!

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Subject: lenny amd64 for Desktop

Like to get some feedback from anyone running lenny on amd64.

Is it workable?

I'm currently running etch as a desk top - how well is lenny doing?

Is there any estimate when it will be released? Guestimates?

Any reasons not to upgrade?

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