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blank Xorg on Etch

> I have a howto on how to install nvidia drivers the debian way (as well as any other type of kernel module package) at http://www.tinyplanet.ca/~lsorense/debian/

The nvidia driver wasn't istalled, as i stated, so there was nothing
for --uninstall to remove. Your howto helped, i'm replying from gnome.

"Well I would have expected the nv driver to work fine with the 6150
although I have never actualyl used on of those low end onboard
Gimme high-end money and i'll get a high-end offboard chip. ;-)
Actually, it wasn't nv causing the problem. I got the framebuffer
error again after switching to the nvidia driver:

(EE) Unable to find a valid framebuffer device
(EE) NV(0): Failed to open framebuffer device, consult warnings and/or
errors above for possible reasons
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.

I ran dpkg-reconfigure again, this time choosing No in the framebuffer
question (Use kernel framebuffer device interface?) and choosing the
nvidia driver instead of nv, and it worked. I didn't need to comment
"dri" and "glx" either. So, the issue was the framebuffer.

Thanks again.

Fica bem, porta-te mal.
Be well, misbehave.

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