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Re: encryption of the whole system (update)

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 09:42:20PM +0100, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> I now got my system encrypted ( I used dm-crypt) without loosing data.
> It needed a lot of work and time. But now almost every thing is working fine. 
> Besides, there is just one thing, I got not managed: 
> moving and resizing the encrpted partitions. 
> I tried a livefilesystem and gparted (as I dare not to use the commandline 
> tool), but gparted always tries to check the filesystem. But there is no 
> filesystem recognizable dute to the encryption. As gparted cannot end its 
> procedure, it hangs and the changes get reverted. 
> What can I do ?
> Partitions are now:
> /dev/sda3 	/boot 	unencrypted
> /dev/sda6 	/	unencrypted
> /dev/sda7	/home	encrypted, 
> /dev/sda8	/usr	encrpyted
> /dev/sda9	/var	encrypted
> All encrypted partitions shall be moved and resized.
> Any help will be very, very welcome !!

This is what LVM was designed to do.  Since you went to all the trouble
of encrypting "needed a lot of work and time", why didn't you use LVM?


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