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encryption of the whole system (update)

Hi all, 

I now got my system encrypted ( I used dm-crypt) without loosing data.
It needed a lot of work and time. But now almost every thing is working fine. 
Besides, there is just one thing, I got not managed: 
moving and resizing the encrpted partitions. 

I tried a livefilesystem and gparted (as I dare not to use the commandline 
tool), but gparted always tries to check the filesystem. But there is no 
filesystem recognizable dute to the encryption. As gparted cannot end its 
procedure, it hangs and the changes get reverted. 

What can I do ?

Partitions are now:

/dev/sda3 	/boot 	unencrypted
/dev/sda6 	/	unencrypted
/dev/sda7	/home	encrypted, 
/dev/sda8	/usr	encrpyted
/dev/sda9	/var	encrypted

All encrypted partitions shall be moved and resized.

Any help will be very, very welcome !!

Best regards


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