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Re: Swiftfox as a flash workaround

On 14-Nov-2007 22:20.58 (GMT), Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Does anyone here know if there will be a AMD64 flash out anytime soon so we 
> can put an end to these mickymouse work arounds? There must be a timetable 
> somewhere. Or they may decided not to - either way I sure wish I knew.

When Flash 9 for linux-i386 was released, the Flash blog said it was a
non-trivial issue to reimplement the VM for amd64. There haven't been any
mentions of Flash for amd64 since then. I would think that it is inevitable,
as the 32-bit platform most likely has a finite life, what with all new CPUs
produced by AMD and Intel having the amd64 extensions.

With nspluginwrapper, there is support for 32-bit plugins with 64-bit
Iceweasel/Iceape/Konqueror in the unstable and testing distributions. If you

    apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

Then nspluginwrapper will be pulled in as a dependency and the plugin will
be setup to run transparently. It's quite a graceful solution, and you will
rarely notice that it is there. Some people have reported trouble with sound
and libraries, but if you have a fairly normal Debian installation and no
overly peculiar chroot setup, then it should be well behaved for you.

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