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Re: openoffice locks graphic video ???

On Mon, 2007-11-12 10:04:54 -0600, helices <helices@helices.org> wrote:
> I have now experienced this three (3) times; so, it is chronic :<
> However, it is intermittent.
> Sometimes, when opening and/or manipulating an XLS created on winders;
> the desktop freezes.  The mouse pointer moves; but, no alt-tab; no
> menuse; no ctrl-f<keys>; nothing.
> When I ssh into this box, the CLI works fine.  I restart gdm; and I kill
> gdm; but, the frozen desktop video remains on the screen.
> So far, when this happens, the only solution is a full system reboot.

Just for the records, I've seen that, too, several times. Usually,
that happened when I pressed the <Alt> key to move the window around
(Windowmaker: Hit <Alt> and grab the window anywhere.) In these
situations, the menu's "File" part got blue, but the rest of the menu
didn't show up. Mouse movement was sssllllooooowww, and the mouse
pointer didn't leave the screen (dual-head configuration with
xinerama, drivers are s3virge and i810.)  Oh, and that wasn't on a
x86_64 system, but on a simple plain 3GHz Pentium 4.

Killing OOo alone didn't ever help, I needed to shutdown the X11
server and restart it (usually blindly, since I needed to kill -9 it.)

However, I haven't seen that during the last few weeks. Probably
there's a version of OOo in Debian unstable that fixes it, or at least


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