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Re: Dell C521 and AMD64 NetInst CD ISO

On 11/8/07, Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Well stuff that appears to happen soon after cfq enabled is:
> Init isapnp
> Init serial ports
> init i8042 (ps/2 mouse/keyboard)
> Init ACPI
> So it could be the BIOS has bugs in the usb legacy emulation which could
> cause problems for the i8042.
> ACPI could also be affected by BIOS bugs.
> You could try booting with the option 'noacpi=1' from the boot loader
> for the installer.
> You could check if the bios has a 'PnP OS Installed' option.  If it does
> turn it off.

Well, I tried your suggestions (plus a few insane ones) and I think
Debian should mark the Dell C521 systems as questionable as far as
AMD64 compatibility goes.

Maybe it is a BIOS issue but I do not see "PnP OS" -- I don't really
see anything that would lead me to believe this is a legacy issue.
These are relatively new systems with SATA CDROMs and SATA HDs, etc...

I guess I'm stuck with i386 for now...

Thx/Sx  =)

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