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Re: Dell C521 and AMD64 NetInst CD ISO

On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 04:37:08PM -0500, Bill Jones wrote:
> I have several Dell C521 systems and the current AMD64 NetInst CD ISO
> hangs almost immediately after the "cfq" is enabled...
> Can anyone confirm or deny this?  I have tried several systems and
> burned a few coffee coasters already ...

Well stuff that appears to happen soon after cfq enabled is:

Init isapnp
Init serial ports
init i8042 (ps/2 mouse/keyboard)

So it could be the BIOS has bugs in the usb legacy emulation which could
cause problems for the i8042.

ACPI could also be affected by BIOS bugs.

You could try booting with the option 'noacpi=1' from the boot loader
for the installer.

You could check if the bios has a 'PnP OS Installed' option.  If it does
turn it off.

The actual output would be helpful, although tricky to capture if it
never finishes booting.

Len Sorensen

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