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Re: Intel Core2Duo (T7400)

Jonas Meurer wrote:
On 07/11/2007 Jerome BENOIT wrote:

the issue with grub is that it does not yet support EFI64

Can you point me to some documentation which explains EFI64? I searched
for it with google, but the only real information I got, was that for
booting a EFI64 kernel, the bootloader needs to support it.

What is an EFI64 kernel? Is EFI64 a CPU flag?

This is not a CPU flag,
but the possibility to boot your computer through EFI
as OS X does. Currently, you can boot 32bit kernel via
EFI provided that the kernel was built with some EFI (EFI32) stuff.
In this case, on Mac Intel computers, you do not need to install
BootCamp and to play with `refit': nevertheless some information
expected from the BIOS are no more furnished (in particular X stuff)
--- this approach can be used when you box is meant to be
a server or a number cruncher.

With last kernel withs favour (?) mm come some documentations.
You may look for `elilo' as well.




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