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Re: Still bugs in Nvidias binary drivers

On Tuesday 06 Nov 2007, Jack Malmostoso wrote:
> Before the flamewar starts: the solution is to either use free drivers
> and/or switch to a vendor (i.e. Intel) that provides free drivers for its
> range.
> There is absolutely nothing the xorg or the Debian developers can do
> about this, and they most likely won't even if they could. And, for the
> record, I agree with them.

With you 100%, Jack.

I also think we should write to our Elected Representatives and ask why it 
cannot be made a legal requirement for manufacturers to provide full 
specifications for any hardware they sell.  As things stand, a dishonest 
manufacturer is in a position to use copyright law to prevent anyone exposing 
misleading claims made in respect of their products -- and that is not fair 
according to any sane definition.

> Please note I have an Nvidia card on my desktop, but after the good
> experience on my laptop, my next motherboard will be a fully integrated
> Intel. Unless AMD comes up with free drivers, but that's another story.

I too have an nVidia card in my desktop, which works beautifully with the 
free "nv" Xorg driver.  I'm sorely tempted by the thought of an Intel for my 
next motherboard, though .....  they currently seem to be ahead of AMD in 
terms of "bang for your buck".

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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