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Still bugs in Nvidias binary drivers

Dear maintainers,

some time ago, I reported about a bug in package nvidia-glx version 100.14.19.
The drivers at higher versions than 100.14.09 let the whole system freeze. 
Obvuously this appears often at mobile graphic chipsets Nvidia 7300 Go. This 
freeze is distribution independent ! 

It can be proved, that this bug is in the binary part of Nvidias driver and 
NOT in the kernel module. You can test it, if you use Nvidias installer. 

There is also a report on Nvidias homepage about this behaviour.

Now I tested the newest driver, version 100.14.23, which seem to run more 
stable. I could not get a freeze, but some weired actions, i.e. changing from 
console to X the initilalisation lasted second and the screen was for a very 
moment black ( < 1 sec). 

At the end of all my testings it can be verified:

1. The Nvidia binary part is buggy.
2. Version 100.14.09 is working fine and very stable
3. Version 100.14.19 and higher might freeze the system. (This is only 
discovered on 64-bit systems)
4. Version 100.14.23 seem to run more stable, but has initialization problems.

Why do I send this Mail to you ?  I know, there is a lot of efforts, to get 
stable packets in Debian, but in this case you (the maintainers) will get no 
chance to get it stable, instead you work directly together with Nvidia 

I just think, you might want to know this informations !

Kind regards


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