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Re: X locking up

Hi again
>> I could use the mouse and from it get to the console and kill X. Then by
> how did you use your mouse to change to a console ?
It is possible to enter console with the mouse in KDE. But then I switched
to xfce for some time and there was no problem in that. I haven't had this
problem for a while. Are you using the newest kernel and an updated
>> looking at the output of dmesg I would get error messages about some
> I found that in the Xorg.log
I don't remember reading your error messages could you please post what
you get from dmesg and in Xorg.log?
>> strange input from keyboard (the computer did not have an nvidia card).
>>    I did not file a bug report since I didn't know where to file it :)
> I wasn't sure either
Perhaps someone can answer that question :)


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