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Re: rescue bootable cd ???

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 02:31:19PM -0500, C M Reinehr wrote:
> > Unfortunately, both systems on which I experienced such calamity ran lvm
> > over software raid 5.  In fact, both systems ran lilo, not grub; and
> You may still be able to access your hard disks with Knoppix. After booting 
> Knoppix you first must load the md driver & raid drivers: `modprobe raid5` 
> should do it. Then, use the mdadm command to query the raid information 
> written to the hard drives, i.e., `mdadm --detail /dev/sdx`. Once you think 
> you have the right configuration start your raid array with 
> `mdadm -A /dev/mdx /dev/sdy ...`. Finally, once your raid array is up & 
> running you can bring up lvm.

Knoppix comes with a script called mdrun (IIRC), the only thing it
doesn't do is modprobe the various raidX modules.
$ modprobe raid5
$ mdrun 
is all you need to do to get raid5 to run on knoppix.

Like you said lvm is simple to jumpstart (I guess there is a script fo
this as well).

The only thing knoppix failed to do for my raid5/lvm system was to
restore grub, it segfaulted but a chroot to the systems root disk was
enough to fix.


 When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

   Daniel Tryba

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