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Re: flash for etch amd64?

On Tue July 3 2007 08:10:38 am Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> I'm running Etch on amd64 on my Athlon64.  I use Konqueror.
> I have the libflash-mozplugin installed but flash sites (and adobe's
> test site) don't work.
> After I came back from holidays, I reactivated my subscription to the
> debian lists and saw a reference to something like "now that flash works
> for amd64" but there was no link, footnote, whatever.  I tried to google
> for 'flash solved site:lists.debian.org' but didn't get anything
> current.
> I don't want to go the route of a 32-bit chroot just for flash.
> If there really is a way to view flash sites in amd64 without a chroot,
> could someone reply with a link and change the subject to include
> [solved] ?

It's still unsolved AFAIK. I'll be watching for replies to this thread hoping 
for a solution but I don't think there is one (yet).

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