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Re: Ideas why dvd playback is jerky?

On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 10:41:33AM -0700, Kenward Vaughan wrote:
> Ahh.  I had not seen this earlier when I scanned your letter briefly
> before answering someone else's up the list.  My result:
> using_dma           0          0         1         rw
> Looks like I need to turn on dma with hdparm.  If that works, I can
> place it into rcS.d, yes?

No, the debian kernels enable DMA by default.  If you don't get DMA it
almost always means the ide-generic driver is being used rather than the
driver for your specific chipset.  The generic driver can't do DMA since
DMA requires specific knowledge of the chipset.

> Well, I have an MSI K9A Platinum, with the SB600 controller.  I have to
> boot with nomsi/irqpoll kernel options, and currently have msi left out
> of the kernel configuration altogether.

Oh that stupid chipset.  Is that even working properly with linux yet?

I know 2.6.20 had some more patches to fix some issues with that
chipset.  If you are running 2.6.18 that Etch uses then I would expect
problems like this.  2.6.21 from Sid might work better.  In general I
recommend avoiding ATI chipsets in the first place.

> I'm uncertain about any kernel configuration items I might want to
> activate.  I think I need to burrow into the board's handbook for other
> chips which might be a part of the system.
> I will get into the BIOS configuration to look at the ide settings (DMA
> mode, etc.), but was curious how much difference that makes to the
> kernel, as I have always had the impression that Linux works more or
> less independently of the BIOS once it has booted up.

Which kernel version are you running?

Len Sorensen

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