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Re: Problem creating 6TB partition...

On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 07:00:46PM +0200, Stefan Drees wrote:
> Ok, so i can create one big volume with parted (gpt) or 3 <2TB
> volume's (DOS) and make one big volume with lvm.
> What´s the best way and which filesystem for such a big volume?
> Last time i used EXT3 for an 2TB volume, everythings fine but
> i need to disable the filesystem checks with tune2fs, because it
> needs too much time for an check :-). I´m not felling really good
> about that, is there a better solution?
There was a very long thread about what filesystem is best for large
partitions a while back on debian-user.  It is in the archives if you
are interested.

Personally, I would use XFS (first choice) or JFS (second choice) if
those are available to you.  Those are both available stock (as in no
need to recompile the kernel, assuming you use a Debian shipped kernel)
since Sarge.  If you cannot use either of those, then ext3 is
acceptable.  However, read the man page carefully and look at all the
options.  You can choose some of the paramters at filesystem creation
time to minimize things like the amount of time it takes to perform a
fsck.  For example, you can make your chunk sizes (or is it block
sizes?) bigger and have fewer superblock replicas, which will reduce the
time it takes to both create and fsck the filesystem.  Of course, you
need to understand how the filesystem will be accessed in order to make
the best choices.  That is, if you will have many small files, you don't
want to make the block size too big since it will waste much space.  If
you will have mostly large files, then make the block sizes really big,
since you won't waste too much space but will make filesystem access


Roberto C. Sánchez

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