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Re: chroot question

You can also use something like "ssh localhost" to escape the chroot, although it adds a bit of overhead.

- M

On 1/21/07, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI <ekalin@bol.com.br> wrote:
Anton Piatek wrote:
> I posted this on Debian-user list, but thought someone here might have tried
> this already...
> I have a amd64 install of debian with a 32bit chroot for a couple of apps.
> This works great, but I have a question.
> Is it possible to have an application inside the 32bit chroot launch an
> application on my main 64 bit system? (e.g. a photo browsing program in the
> 32bit chroot launching gimp, which is installed in my main 64 bit system).
> I currently launch my 32bit programs with schroot and am hoping I can set
> something to make specific programs outside the chroot available...
> I cannot think of how this can be achieved, so any ideas are welcomed.
No, you can't. Suppose your chroot is /ia32. Then, since it is a chroot,
you can only see what's inside /ia32. /usr and other directories are not
accessible from the chroot.

Unless you someway make /usr visible inside /ia32, perhaps with a bind
mount. You would also need other directories (such as /var) if the
application needs them, and configure the application to use those
directories. The same happens to libraries. If /usr is bound to
/ia32/usr64, you'll need to tell the library loader to look for
libraries there. Messy, really messy.

What you can do is install the 32-bit version of the program inside the
chroot, and it'l run fine.

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