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Re: keep specific versions of packages

On Sunday 24 December 2006 09:03, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> I want to avoid any modification from apt-get commands
> to
> mpqc 2.3.1-0.2
> specially compiled for amd64 with libint (which is not
> included in the package of same version on debian
> repositories) and installed with dpkg. I.e., I want to
> avoid "downgrading" to a version without libint.
> >From "apt-cache show mpqc" version installed
> 2.3..1-0.2, though the list of dependencies does not
> show libint (which is in, because the software deals
> correctly with integrals that only libint allows to
> do)
> According to Silva's APT HOWTO I should manage with
> /etc/apt/preferences, though there is no such file or
> directory on my debiam amd64 etch,
> linux-image-2.6.18-3-amd64. Should I build a file
> "preferences" from scratch?
> I must say that I am not familiar with this aspect of
> apt.
> Thanks for advice
> francesco pietra


I've been trying to understand pinning from the time I first used Debian, 
several years now, and still feel that I'm missing something, but I think 
your problem has a simple solution. I believe all that you need in 
your /etc/apt/preferences file are the following three lines:

Package: mpqc
Pin: version 2.3.1-0.2
Pin-Priority: 1000

Hope this helps, but no warranty is express or implied! :-)

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