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Re: Kernel Configuration Question

On 12/22/06 12:10:41PM -0600, Mike Reinehr wrote:
> I hate to answer my own posting but it belatedly has occurred to me that 
> perhaps it's not possible to mount a root partition using LVM without an 
> initrd.img. I've booted without an initrd.img before & I've used LVM before, 
> but not with the root partition as part of the logical volumes. Yes, no, 
> maybe?

That's pretty much it, you need to run the LVM tools (vgchange I think) to
scan for and setup the logical volumes. There is no code in the kernel to
do that for you so you have to use an initramfs image if your root is on
LVM. But why go through all of that trouble to not use one? The only burden
it puts on you is to run 'update-initramfs -u -k <kernel-version>' on of
the off chance that you change something that also needs to go in the image,
normal updates to things like LVM tools, udev, etc should update it for you.


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