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Re: chroot: firefox browser plugins

Matthias Julius schrieb:
Les Gray <lgray@bigpond.net.au> writes:

But, for the life of me, I am unable to create any symlinks in
/usr/local/firefox/plugins to the currently installed plugins in the
chroot (acrobat and java, atm). Each time I try, it results in a
dangling symlink (and, yes, I am issuing each command from within the
Maybe you should explain in more detail what you are doing.

Did you install Firefox in the chroot?  If yes, do you run it from
within the chroot?  If you don't you should not create the symlinks
from within.

Yes, it's all from within the chroot. You don't install this particular Firefox per se, you just unpack the archive to wherever you want, and run it from there.

FYI I am using schroot to start Firefox from within the 64-bit environment, via a shell script dropped into /usr/local/bin. The browser starts up OK, but the problem with the symlinks exists before I get to that point.

I'm just not being allowed to create symlinks to browser plugins or, for that matter, any other file or directory within /usr/lib/Adobe or /usr/lib/j2re1.5-sun . But I can link to any other file or folder within the chroot. And, yes, I'm trying all this from within the chroot, and as user root...



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