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Re: a few simple questions about AMD64 version of Debian

On Monday 18 December 2006 08:49 am, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 11:51:57AM +0000, Michael Fothergill wrote:
> Well most modern motherboards for Athlon64 and Core 2 Duo can take 4
> DIMMs, of up to 2GB each (if you can find them and afford them).  So
> that is 8GB ram.
> Opterons use (at least on the 2xx and 8xx series, not sure about 1xx
> anymore) buffered memory, which allows them to run more than two DIMM
> sockets per channel, although at a slight latency penalty.  So the
> ability to use more ram is to do with the memory controller and the ram
> being used on opteron systems.  Both cost more than the stuff you would
> use on a desktop machine.
> Currently the Core 2 Duo chips are what I consider the right thing to
> buy, being that they are faster than the AMDs.  The Pentium 4/D was
> never on my to buy list.  The athlon 64 used to be, but now intel
> actually seems to have done something right again.

For laptops and desktops, you really can't beat the Core architecture (for 
which Intel has stupidly named the CPUs Core2).  In single-core and 
dual-core setups, these are the best CPUs around.

For servers, though, I still prefer Opterons, and that's mainly due to the 
NUMA setup, proper support for amd64 extensions, better hardware 
virtualisation (although that's still in theory as we haven't used any 
CPUs that support it), and better all-around running in our testing.  Not 
to mention the fact that you can upgrade the CPU without requiring a 
wholee new motherboard.  When will Intel learn that bumping the CPU speed 
should not require a new chipset and motherboard??

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