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Directions to install open source video

--- "Brian R. Whitecotton" <brwhitecotton@cox.net>

> The closed source "nvidia" driver, as much as it
> pains to say it, is better
> than the open source "nv" in that it enables the
> functionality of the Nvidia
> chipset whereas the "nv" driver minimizes
> detrimental impact on an otherwise
> extremely stable Debian system by limiting how much
> of the chipset
> functionality it accesses.  If stability is what you
> want, then us the nv
> driver and you are pretty much insured a stable but
> less than optimal
> performing system.

Being optimal or not depends on the viewpoint. On a
parallel system of dual-opteron operated by ebian etch
amd64 I still have to install X because I do not need
it for computations, where the ideal system is the one
with the highest floating point. 

That said, my question is: installation of open source
video on amd64 may bring in 32bit libraries that may
be detrimental to floating point even when X is not

If not, I would be much obliged for suggesting where
to get directions to install open source video on
already installed amd64 etch base system (added of
much computational applications and alebraic special
libraries, like linint). I mean to get the equivalent
video installation that I got for debian etch i386
through the new RC1 installer. It is just a curiosity
to see how it works on amd64 because I have a very
good (so far unusued) graphic card.

Thank you for suggesring
francesco pietra

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