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Re: Modulized or monolithic kernel on notebooks ?

On 11/30/06 10:06:44AM +0100, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I know, there was a lot of discussion about kernel-builds.
> And I really do not want start flamewars. 
> So here are my little questions:
> What do you think (with the the focus on speed):
> 1. Does it make sense to compile a kernel with all modules built in, for the 
> hardware which is always present on the target notebook (maybe desktop-px, 
> too) ?
> I.e. sound, controller, filesystem, pcmcia-port, usb, sd-card-reader, wlan 
> etc. etc, everything, which cannot be exchanged. 

No, especially considering that USB is one of the worst offenders in the
"stops my notebook from going to sleep" group and the best way to work
around that is to unload the USB modules.

The only benefit you'll get is that you won't need an initramfs image to
boot and the value of that's debatable. And if you ever want to use
uswsusp you'll need an initramfs image anyway.

> 2. Does this improve speed especially on 64-bit-systems ?

If there is any difference I guarantee it'll be so small to be well within
the margin of error of any benchmarks.


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