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Modulized or monolithic kernel on notebooks ?

Hi all, 

I know, there was a lot of discussion about kernel-builds.
And I really do not want start flamewars. 

So here are my little questions:

What do you think (with the the focus on speed):

1. Does it make sense to compile a kernel with all modules built in, for the 
hardware which is always present on the target notebook (maybe desktop-px, 
too) ?

I.e. sound, controller, filesystem, pcmcia-port, usb, sd-card-reader, wlan 
etc. etc, everything, which cannot be exchanged. 

2. Does this improve speed especially on 64-bit-systems ?

3. Has anyone experience with those tests ?

Again: I do not want, to start any flamewars, I am just interested in 
technics !

Thanks for the answers.

Best regards


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