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Re: USB devices not being seen

>     This has happened with a mp3 player and two cell phones (a Motorola
> C650 and a Sony-Ericsson K750i), so it's not a problem with the device.
> What's strange is that the connection is detected by the devices: the
> mp3 player, for example, turns on and displays the usual screen shown
> when it's connected to the computer. I've even tried plugging it without
> the battery and it still turns on. Also, the K750i, when plugged,
> supposedly starts charging (which is the expected behaviour). However,
> even though it appears to be charging, when I left it plugged for a long
> time I noticed it did not appear to have charged anything.

Laptops sometimes only have low-power usb sockets. Both the devices you 
mention sound like they may require power over USB.
Try connecting the devices via a self-powered USB hub (ie. one with its own AC 
power supply).


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