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partitioning with dualboot 32 / 64

Hello all,

I'm going to install debian etch on AMD64 debian, from scratch on a
clean HD, and i intend to prepare partitions for an additional x32
install which i may decide to add later, depending on my experiences,
just as a fallback. I will use the same apps, and both would be Debian
Sid, updated daily or right after booting. 
I like to hear your opinion if that's worth the effort, and if i should
try to balance redundancy and maintenance costs ? 

The first consideration is, in how far would a debian sid x64
installation differ from the analog x32 install at all ? Can i track it
down to some few directories, like /bin,  /sbin,  /lib ... what else? 
Then i would ask if it's possible to boot into the same 'stub' root
system (if we can call it still that) and mount the missing directories
according to the chosen kernel - via initrd, and maybe some custom
script. Possible ? Impossible ? Useless ? I've no idea.

Traditionally, however, i would see it the other way round, booting 
into a dedicated root and mounting some shared directories.

Then i have some questions:

/home .... can there still be differences e.g. in version between x64
and x32 ?

/var/cache/apt/archives  ... i can't see any problem here, can you ?

/usr/share .... a relatively huge peice - but will apt refuse to manage
(mainly, to deinstall) stuff  that was updated by the 'other debian' ?
(Would at least /usr/share/doc be safe ?)

/usr/scr .... i will have several source trees from kernel.org or
debian, and i've no problem with backups of different .configs, so
basically this should work...? 

I think i can share swap (with an additional hibernation swap for each

I discarded the idea to share /tmp, don't want to fix the size.
I also think i will use tmpfs.

Any more ideas ?




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