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Re: System Freeze and python-central_0.5.9_all

Igor TAmara wrote:
Hi, confirming freezing not depends on python-central for me.
Anders> Hi,
Anders> Anders> Today python-central was upgraded on my testing system to version 0.5.9. Anders> After a reboot the system started to freeze randomly like described in Anders> the System Freeze thread. Anders> Anders> I downgraded to 0.5.8 and the freezing went away - at least for now. Anders> Anders> So it seems like the problem with the freeze is related to Anders> python-central_0.5.9_all.deb. This would also explain why 32 bit Anders> experience same symptoms. Anders> Anders> Can anyone confirm this? Anders>
Hi, I downgraded the library too, then I tried some screensavers with
xscreensaver-demo and my pc frozen :(

Linux compu 2.6.17-2-amd64 #1 SMP
xorg           7.0.23
Same kernel
xorg (testing)

Did you reboot after the downgrade?

I left my machine running all night and still no freeze.

Anders> Kind Regards
Anders> Anders
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