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Re: Re: Installing Debian amd64 on an asus P5W DH Deluxe + E6600 : kernel on installer broken + bugs in d-i when changing kernel + modules

> We have a P5W Delux at work which had various problems too.  It is
> running windows XP, and after about a week of time it stops booting.  It
> shows the splash screen of windows, and at the point it should change to
> a higher resolution you just get a black screen.
> Sometimes in the event log it shows disks errors.  This is with an SATA
> disk.
> We've replaced the disk, still the same problem.  We've replaced the
> motherboard, power supply, and still have the same problem.
> I've also tried it using Debian (i386 netinst etch beta3), I've ran a
> badblock read-only test, didn't find any problems.  Then I ran a 
> read-write test, after a short time the disks basicly stops responding.
> The led of the disk on the PC is constatly on, instead of most of the
> time on, blinking.  At that point, the tests only shows failed sectors.
> We've replaced the disk with an PATA disk, and didn't see a problem so
> far.

So ther might be a problem with the sata disk controller. I guess I
would try to upgrade the BIOS as first thing. But my problem was
actually entirely related to Linux : chnaging the kernel to a newer
version does indeed fix the disk proble (although I admit, I haven't yet
formatted the disk because it was too late last nigh I tried).
> We also have an identical PC that doesn't show any problems.
> I really can't do any tests with this, since someone is using it.
OK. Thansk for the hint about the possible SATA disk problems.

-- eric

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