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Re: System freeze

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 10:45:53AM -0600, Stephen Olander Waters wrote:
> All of you with X system freezes,
> Check the top of your dmesg for any warnings about "aperture size". I
> kept getting freezes because my AGP aperture was too small (32MB) for
> what Linux wanted (64MB) on a Radeon 9200 256MB. I hadn't noticed the
> warning because X didn't complain in Xorg.0.log and the kernel driver
> didn't complain when X was loading.

On my ubuntu system (the one that doesn't crash) 

hendrik@april:~$ dmesg | grep -i aperture
[    0.000000] Checking aperture...
[    0.000000] CPU 0: aperture @ 0 size 32 MB

hat's on my Ubuntu system, which does not freeze.
Will try etch (same machine, dual boot) when I get the chance.

By the way, how does one change the aperture size?  Or is it 

I have nvidia graphic chips on the motherboard.  I get crashes in etch 
but not in dapper.  Can't try etch right now because I have several 
users on the system.  Will try tomorrow.

-- hendrik

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