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Re: MB Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition and Dedian/GNU

On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 01:33:53AM +0200, Thierry Chatelet wrote:
> I am planning to get the above mentioned MB, as someone any experience 
> of installing AMD64 on it? Any feedback would be wellcome.
> Thanks
> Thierry
I'm in the process (I'm on dialup so it takes a while) of installing on
an Asus M2N-SLI.  I think the only difference between the boards is
while mine uses Nvidia nForce 570 chipset, the M2N32-SLI uses the 590
chipset and costs a lot more.

I have 2 80 GB SATA drives on the first and second
SATA port using raid1 for the first partition on each as /boot, and the
second partition on each raid1 for a PV for Logical Volume Managment.

I used one 1GB stick of 800 ECC ram.  AMD 64 Athlon 3800+ processor and
an Asus EN7300GT silent video card.

Sarge doesn't recognize the SATA drives.  You'll have to go with Etch.
Note that they're moving towards RC1 which breaks Etch beta 3 and they
want us to use daily builds.

You can either burn a CD (either business-card.iso or netinst.ist) or
put the hd-media stuff and an iso on a USB flash stick.  I did the
latter.  Boots from the USB no problem (shows up as a hard drive, rather
than 'removeable') and all hardware is recognized.

The most important thing to do is read the installation manual through
end to end (well, skip the automation chapter) and have it available to
you during the install.  

Good luck.

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