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Re: how do I interrupt an install?

> On Thursday 19 October 2006 05:46, dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm in the process of installing on my new AMD Athlon computer.  I'm on
> > dialup.  The new computer accesses the net via ethernet to my 486 which
> > has a modem.
> >
> > Boot is via USB stick with the businesscard netinst.iso, Etch Beta 3
> > AMD64.
> >
> > The ppp connection drops occasionally and I sometimes need the phone.
> > When I got up this morning, the ppp link had dropped at 0130 but was
> > back up but the install was just sitting there.  It hadn't
> > re-established the connection and continue the download ('installing the
> > base system').  I had to shutdown and start over; it even had to
> > reformat the partions (LVM on raid1 on 2 disks).
> >
> > How do I interrupt the installer and get it to continue where it left
> > off?
>On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 10:52:32AM -0700, C_Wakefield wrote:
> Why don't you just download the Etch binary cd 1 iso with wget -c, do a local 
> install, then build up X & desktop from there? "minus" c will let you 
> continue a download if the connection is cut.

Because I don't have any way of burning the CD.  My previous main
computer, the one that could burn CDs died.  My only functioning
computer is a 486 with ISA bus, no USB, and won't run the burner.  I
download what I need to make the USB to a 100 MB zip disk, then boot the
new computer with a cd-rescue CD, since my Woody CD doesn't recognize USB
either, and make the USB per the install directions.  Even though the
USB is 2 GB, the boot.img.gz only makes a 256 MB image.

I'm working now to try to make a full 2 GB USB per the 4.3.2 -the
flexible way, but am having trouble; I'm working on it.  Once that's
complete, I can try a larger netinst CD.  The 486 doesn't have enough
free space on any drive to hold a full CD image to split and sneaker-net
over on the ZIP disk.

I'm downloading the daily-build now to see if this problem has been
fixed since Beta 3.


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