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Re: Silicon Motion chip on amd64

thanks for your answer,
|--==> Hamish Moffatt writes:
  HM> Questions: is it any better if you pull out the NVIDIA card?
I've tried to remove the NVIDIA card, but it doesn't  seem to make any
Here are the X log and the lspci output of the modified system:
  HM> Apparently X has an interpreter to run the real-mode video card BIOS,
  HM> even from 64-bit userspace. So it should work. 
  HM> Is the Silicon Motion your primary device or is that the NVIDIA?
According to the BIOS settings it should be the  Silicon, but how do I
tell it exactly?
  HM> If it's the NVIDIA then I guess that device is not being initialised
  HM> before boot, which might help. It might help if you told us exactly what
  HM> you were trying to do with the two cards.
I'm trying to get the TFT display of this little beast:
work with etch/amd64. So far I could do  it with etch/i386. The system
comes with and additional NVIDIA card for VGA and TV output.
  HM> (Actually, tell debian-x since they are far more likely to be able to
  HM> help.)
I've tried to mail them  first, but got  no reply. I'll try again  and
point them to this thread.

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