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   Before I start I want to state that I don't want to start a flame war.
I have been reading about this Dunc-Tank project
and I have decided to pay 40€ into the project.
   In the last years I have been fighting inside my institution for getting 
acceptance for Linux without much success. I like the Debian distribution but 
I have found unstable to be both the newest and most reliable part of Debian. 
Unfortunately I cannot convince people that are looking for a stable 
distribution to use that. On the other hand, the people I know that use 
RedHat or SuSe always seem to me to end up with very old versions of all 
programs with bugs that were resolved long time ago. A Debian release on time 
would make my work easier.
   Some years ago I was enthusiastic to become a Debian maintainer and learn 
to program properly but as the years have gone by I have found out that since 
I cannot support projects technically, to do something I may at least support 
them financially. I have also found out that many of the Linux projects are 
quite poor.
   Is there anyone out there thinking the same way I am. I suggest that those 
who are in support of this experiment just pay to the 
Some intelligent comments are welcome but I don't want to start an argument.


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