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Re: Installer Profiles

Yeah. I also think there should be the choice (I use KDE).


Użytkownik Hans-J. Ullrich <hans.ullrich@loop.de> napisał:
>Hello maintainers and developers,
>this time I call to you, cause a political question. What do I want ?
>Well, when installing Debian at the first time, at a special point, Debian is 
>asking, which profile shall be installed. There is the 
>choice "Desktop", "Webserver" , ""Printserver" etc. 
>IMO these profiles should be made more precise, as when choosing "Desktop" , 
>you get always Gnome as the windowmanager. Yes, I know, it is your choice, 
>but what I mean is, that there should be the chance for the user, to choose 
>another windowmanager at installation i.e. KDE, Fluxbox, XFCE or whatever he 
>likes. (Most of the people will choose Gnome or KDE, I think).
>I do not know, if my meanings are in your policy. However, if you are willing 
>to change "tasksel", I would like to offer you my help. As I am no coder, I 
>could make a list with the needed packages for some profiles, if this will 
>Do you (the developers and the maintainers) think, my thoughts are worth, to 
>think about it ? If not, o.k., just forget it and apoplogize my noise. :)
>Best regards

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