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Re: Driver for smartlink modem

On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 01:41:48AM -0500, Pepo wrote:
> I have a sl-modem that works very well in my 32bits Etch, but this source code 
> didn't work in my amd64; please Where do I can look up for am64 driver for my 
> sl-modem?

I suspect since it is a binary only driver, that the answer is simply
"You can't".

Someone did find a way they claim works, which involves running the
sl-modem package in 32bit mode on a 64bit system, using the 32bit alsa
libraries for interfacing with the modem.  You can find that here:

It would probably be simpler in the long run to just buy a real modem.

Len Sorensen

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