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Re: Volume keys under Gnome

Jack Malmostoso píše v St 13. 09. 2006 v 20:56 +0200:

> When I press the "up" or the "down" button, the OSD appears correctly but
> this control is associated to the first channel in the mixer (that is
> "headphones"). The actual mixer channel that controls the audio is the
> "Analog front".
> How can I change this association? For the volume control applet it has
> been enough editing its preferences, but I can't find any information
> about the keyboard controls.

Long time ago, in Gnome 2.6, the keyboard shortcuts used the same
channel as the one chosen in panel applet properties. Now in 2.14 it
looks like keyboard shortcuts really control only "Master" channel 
on my SB Live! 5.1 card.

You may want to ask in some Gnome forum or mailing list, or maybe file
a bug against gnome-control-center(?). IIRC I actually used keyboard
shortcuts to control PCM only for a good reason, now it doesn't seem
to be possible.

Your first channel in mixer being "headphones" looks really strange,
I'd expect "Master".


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