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Re: USB rescue/boot disk

Joost Kraaijeveld wrote:
Hi ,

I want a bootable USB stick that will boot any machine that allows me to
boot from USB: a Debian Live USB (and not CD). I have found a howto on
the internet (http://feraga.com/) but that one does not seem to work for

Is it actually possible to create an USB rescue/boot disk that contains
a Debian Etch AMD64  or i386 based installation? Is there an image
available somewhere (as the Debian Live Project does not have such an
image (yet?) )?
Just about any live/rescue CD/diskette with usb support should
do the trick, I think. Knoppix, for example?
Of course some USB sticks are smaller than a
full CD, in which case you go for one of the smaller rescue/live CDs.
DSL is 50MB, for example.

Helge Hafting

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