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Re: ˇD acceleration on a 32bit chroot

Użytkownik Guillermo Movia <debianpc@gmail.com> napisał:
>Hi, i had a Nvidia card in an amd64, and a 32 bit installantion of
>debian etch through chroot. How can i use or configure the 3D
>acceleration to the apps launched through schroot? I try with quake4
>demo, and the acceleration doesn't appear.
>PS: I wish to try the Google Earth, but ir seems don't work in Debian 64.

You should install the 32bit version of the drivers in the 32bit chroot env.

Besides, nVidia provides a 32bit compatiblity OpenGL library along with
the 64bit version of their drivers (you mut choose it during the driver's
instalation), but I'm not sure if it makes any sense installing it on debian
amd64 (as 32bit games won't run on amd64 debian - ia32libs is not enough
for them).


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