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Re: performance of AAC-RAID (ICP9087MA)

Paul Brook wrote:


>> Checking out a largish CVS module is no fun. The data is retrieved via
>> cvs pserver from the file server and written back via NFS into my home
>> directory. 
> Have you checked your NFS settings? I'd expect that to be the main bottleneck 
> in this setup.

hm, that's a nice idea. I worked locally on the server machine for a
while (but in the same setup, which only eliminates NFS access) and it
does indeed feel better. on the other hand we have weekend. anyway, here
is my NFS setup:

server exports basically with:
/raid/home     *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)
(and no, using async is not an option, this time)
clients import with:
server:/raid/home /home       nfs rw,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 0 0

hm. perhaps that 32k is a little too much due to ip fragmentation. any
idea what would be a good size to match this with my MTU? or what do you
use for good performance?

other options? something to change the nfs version being used? would
NFSv4 yield anything?

also, which would be a good benchmark to measure results wrt access
times? i dont worry about raw throughput so much. bonnie++ doesnt seem
to be that well suited (or i'm too stupid to read them).

thanks for any hint,


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