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etch netinstall beta3 & encryption


today I tried to install debian with the actual etch beta3 netinst.iso - 
and failed with the new encryption possibility...

I wanted to encrypt all partitions without /boot, and tried to configure 
its own partitions for '/boot' '/' and '/home'. After this partman 
showed that /boot would have a ext3-filesystem and the other two a 
logical-volume. But when the installer wants to install the base-system 
after this, it warns me about not having a root-partition.
I didn't find a possibility, to say at one point, which mountpoints the 
encrypted-volumes should be associated to. 
Is the encryption of the whole root-filesystem not implemented yet? For 
me it seems, that I can only encrypt a partition, which is not used 
during the installation-process, like a data-partition e.g.
Not to mention, that this whole process of encrypting partitions failed 
several times during the writing of random data on them - and the 
installer worked one time on my 5th boot of the netinst-iso, until I 
reached this partitioning-process

Did I do something wrong, or where can I prepare the whole thing, that 
its associating one logical volume to one special mountpoint?


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