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Re: chroot and ia32libs combined

On 9/6/06, Seb <spluque@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm in the same situation with Firefox as you are, but do not see the
extension compatibility wizard kicking in.  The danger I see is the 64-bit
and 32-bit versions modifying ~/.mozilla differently, which may mess the
files up at some point.

As far as  Firefox is concerned, I have never  actually managed to run
the 32  bit and 64 bit  version concurrently, somehow  whichever I run
second just opens a new window of the first.

OTOH, one can do stuff like this in your /etc/fstab, even though it is
quite cumbersome:

/home/user/.ia32-mozilla  /var/chroot/sid-ia32/home/user/.mozilla
none  bind  0 0



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