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Re: chroot and ia32libs combined

Seb <spluque@gmail.com> writes:

> Another question that nobody seems to mention in the various how-tos is
> what happens if you have say both the same 64-bit app in the main system
> and 32-bit app in the chroot?  Because /home is mounted in both systems,
> each version will be messing with each other's config stuff, won't it?
> Say things like ~/.mozilla would change and probably get messed up by
> changes made by each version of firefox.  How is that handled?
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Seb

It isn't.

Even worse is when the 32bit and 64bit ~/.application file are
incompatible. One should consider that a bug but it has happened.

My suggestion is: Don't do it. If you need the 32bit version for
something then use it for everything. The benefit of 64bit is generaly
negible anyway. No point in having say a 64bit and 32bit mozilla.


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