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Opteron or Athlon 64 FX?


I'm starting to design my next computer before my current 486/P-II pair
finally die.

Any computer will do what I need 95 % of the time.  Here's what I would
like to do that I can't do now:

	scan, retouch, and store pictures from a digital camera

	watch DVDs on my big drafting monitor

	transfer my old VHS tapes to DVD and edit out commercials.

		(dream-on) filter out the snow since some where recorded
		off-air (antenna).

I think the choice is between the 64 FX (now dual core and supposed to
be better than the X2) and the Opteron.

Reading some recent posts about 32-bit vs 64-bit Debian, I can wait if
need be for 64 bit as long as the 32 bit will run on both these

My 486 has ECC on both the memory and the EIDE adapters and I have been
spoied by no errors ever compared with the P-II I was given free due to
its errors.  I think AMD is telling me that the FX can't deal with ECC

What has your experiences of either/both been?


Doug Tutty.

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