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Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

edwardsa wrote:
Thierry Chatelet wrote:
Jan De Luyck wrote:
On Friday 01 September 2006 14:58, tomek.fizyk@op.pl wrote:
What I have read recently - it is not:( Saving files is not yet
supported... But I read it on some website found by google and am not sure
if it wasn't some old news.

http://openoffice.debian.net/ lists just that. I'll guess i'll have to try it!

Saving is working for me. Now, I did not try all posibilities, but basic functions are working.Now, most manufacturers are giving a push to Linux lately, and I can't think it's not related to $MS not giving what was promised for 64 bits. So...

I can't import powerpoint files. For a government lab, where productivity can, at times, seem synonymous with productivity, this can be really annoying. I'm a chroot now.
What I really meant was that power point can, at times, seem synomymous with productivity. AFIK, productivity is always synonymous with productivity.


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