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Re: Fist-time amd64 installation, some questions

On Sunday 27 August 2006 20:48, Jack Malmostoso wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Aug 2006 20:40:04 +0200, Jan De Luyck wrote:
> > Any pointers are most welcome!
> The first question is: why do you compile your own kernel? Isn't the
> Debian one enough? 

I tend to follow-up a bit more quickly with new kernel releases than the 
Debian-kernel does, and often try the -rc kernels too. (and I keep the pieces 
if it breaks :p)

I also like more 'specific' kernels too - geared to the specific system, than 
using a global one-size-fits-all one. Maybe I'm misguided on this for AMD64, 
no idea.

Concerning the USB problem, appareantely my system needs the usb_ohci module, 
which I forgot to compile along. So that one is fixed.

The only things remaining now are the weird errors. And getting X to work. And 
so on :) but that's all rather trivial when you've got a good kernel to start 

> Does everything work OK with the Debian kernel?
Good question, I'd have to check actually.

Thanks for the answers,

Beggars should be no choosers.
		-- John Heywood

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