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Re: how to setup KDE or Gnome

On Friday 25 August 2006 5:25 pm, Viktor Tsyrennikov wrote:
>   Hi,
>   I have a system (Debian Etch b3, AMD64) which boots into command line
> interface how do I set up xserver/kdm/gdm so that my system
> automatically starts with graphical interface?
>   Thanks,
>   Victor
first we have to know a few things.  the more concise information you post the 
easier it is for others to help you.  What you have posted so far is not 

Do you have a graphical screen, with no desktop?  this means your video card 
is recognized and you just need to get kdm or gdm working.  It may also mean 
that you don't have the full kde or gnome desktop software to run.  I don't 
run gnome, but if you run:  apt-get install kde you will know if you have all 
the packages.

Having your desktop automagically start up, is a setting in your kde Control 
Center, once you get kdm and kde up and running.
Control Center ---> System Administration --> Convenience --> click on 
Administrator Mode & enter your root password, etc.

If no grey graphical screen and only a black terminal with a login curser, 
means many more things are not in place.

run:  /etc/init.d/kdm restart (or start) and post the results.
run:  lspci to see what video card you have, and post the results.

Good Luck,
Chris W.

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