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ATA abnormal status

While computing with mpqc2.3.1 (debian etch amd6a; dual opterons; 8GB ram ECC; 
raid 1; filesystem ext3; grub on its own partition):

Led of HD permanently lighted.

Messages on screen:

ATA: abnormal status 0x58 on port 0x1C5F
ata3: command 0x35 timeout, stat 0x50 host_stat 0x24
ata 4: same as above for ata3

$ df -h

sd 3:0:0:0 SCSI error return code 0x8000002
Additional sense : SCSI parity error
end request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 47748992

raid1 Disk failure on sd6, disabling device
raid1 :sdb3: redirecting another mirror

RAID1 conf printout
--- wd:1 rd:2
disk1, wo:0, o:1, dev: sdb8

I cold only switch power off because it did not respond to down commands.

Rebooting, the $ prompt was obtained without warnings.

Then I looked at

and issued:

#fdisk /dev/sda
# p
#fdisk /dev/sdb
# p
#df -h

there was nothing wrong: both disks identical to before.

Similar hanging already occurred on 3 August (it was already ext3 filesystem) 
during similar computation with mpqc. There was nothing wrong after rebooting 
and up to now there was no anomaly. I checked disks and ram.

Before that, when using raiser 3.6 filesystem, I had many problems with debian 
while carrying out mpqc computations . Therefore, I changed to ext3.

Thread computations with mpqc for without interruption many days are big 
stress to the system (mostly for memory because mpqc writes sparingly on HD).

Any guess at what that means? I naively understand it was failure by the OS, 
not failure of hardware.

Thank you for reading this long report.


francesco pietra

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