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Re: ndiswrapper screwed up again?

Am Mittwoch, 9. August 2006 12:41 schrieb Rafael Rodríguez:
> Hi,
> i've upgraded yesterday to ndiswrapper 1.22 in sid, and upon loading it
> "oopses" my kernel. Anyone with the same problem?
> I'm using a Broadcom chip in my HP laptop and can provide backtraces if
> someone's is interested...
> Rafael Rodríguez
Did you try kernel 2.6.17 ? It has native WLAN Broadcomdriver shipped with, 
and it is running fine. No more ndiswrapper needed.
The native driver has some advantages, as I found out. You can use some 
software eith it, which could not b eused, if you use wlan with ndiswrapper.

Just check the kernel, good luck !

Best regards


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