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Re: raid1 bootable disks

On Thursday 03 August 2006 13:08, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> I did'nt check my raid1 last May, at the time of a hot discussion on this
> list about bootable disks with raid1. I was busy to put mpqc at work. Now
> that it works beautifully - and I understand I can invest on it - I begin
> to be concerned with security issues. That so much because yesterday my
> window manager jwm hanged during a four-days mpqc issue, while mpqc was
> still running. It is wrong to start X and windows managers for computation
> sessions but I did the mistake (I just wanted to check the cpu temp, and I
> never learned properly how to switch beteewen consoles with [Alt]+F2
> without a window manager).

If you use the "normal" method to install a bootloader on sdb,   then you will 
end up configuring it to boot from sdb.  But the way most motherboards work 
is that, if the first drive fails Power On Self Test, then it will be ignored 
and the second drive will be assigned as sda.  So the bootloader on the 
second drive must be configured to boot from sda.

Fortunately, you already have a bootloader configured to boot from sda on sda; 
so you can just use dd to copy the entire boot partition from sda to sdb.  

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